The Wavebreaker 2.0A1

This is an alpha version of Wavebreaker version 2.


Compared to the previous version of the Wavebreaker this one has some new polynomials to wreck your audio: Shifted Chebyshev, Legendre, Hermites and Laguerres polynomials. So what's the difference? Well, listen for your self, sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes not.

To help keep the input and output levels within reasonable limits, there are now two new sections — Preshape and Postshape. These may actually reshape your waveforms quite a bit on their own. They work like simple compressor/expanders. Each section can be individually bypassed.

The Wavebreaker 2.0 not only sounds different, it looks different too. (This is an alpha version, so the displays showing the waveshapes are not yet functional.)