Audiofield is a spare time project for creating Audio Units for Mac OS X. Audiofield is — Daniel Wedjesjö, Helsingborg, Sweden.

Audio Units

Audiofield supports the Audio Unit plug-in format for Mac OS X introduced by Apple. Currently there are no plans on supporting other formats.


As a consequence of Audiofield supporting only Mac OS X, you obviously need an Apple Macintosh to run software from Audiofield. Currently there are no plans of supporting any other platforms.


Being a Logic Pro user, this is the main Audio Unit host I will use for final testing of my Audio Units. I will also test my Audio Units in GarageBand. If you use any other host and things doesn't work please let me know! Maybe I can do something about it.


Each piece of software from Audiofield comes with a license of some form. Please read it before using the software. And if you don't agree to the terms in the license for some reason, then don't use the software. But I expect you to find them very agreeable.


Donations are welcome if you feel up to it. For example, if you made money on a production in which you used the Wavebreaker, and you would like to show your appreciation, you could do just that in the form of a donation via PayPal. Click the button on the Feedback page to start the donation process.